Recuperation shift paddle conditions not met

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I have started to get this message on the speedo cluster when trying to use regenerative braking. Reuperation shift paddle conditions not met. Usually first thing after overnight park up. it goes eventally or if I stop and restart the engine. Cant find any info in the manual but there was a mention on the American other forum about it being the battery "overcharged" if that is possible. A phone call to the dealer just as well not bothered they didn't even know what the shift paddles were! Any one else had this or know what it is and should I be concerned?

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Yes my hybrid is doing this too. Seems to have started with the onset of the colder weather. Works OK after a few miles.
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Yes, I am getting that message quite often especially after having the car serviced.
However, I believe it is connected with a low engine temperature most of the time.
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