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Has anybody fitted "plug & play" LED headlight bulbs to a 2019 Kona with halogen headlight units.
When I say "plug & play" these are one without fan fitted to bulb.
My question is if you have fitted them are your bulb LED chips at 9 & 3o'clock - only the ones I have which are Novsight N63's the bulbs are at 5mins to & 25mins after the hour.
I have contacted Novsight and they are saying they are perfectly ok but reading on YouTube everyone saying for best performance they should be at 9 & 3.
Also I should ask about the fitment in the back of the headlight which the bulb holder locates into is held by 3 screws - if loosened would this turn to allow the bulb to be in the 9 & 3 position?

Hoping that somebody has had the experience and have they left at my findings (5to & 25past)or perhaps you have fitted a different make of bulb and yours are at 9 & 3 .

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I have a 21 plate Kona Hybrid with Halogen head lights and wanted to up grade them to LED's - I thought H7 were the recommended part. Fitting looks a little awkward, access under the bonnet and the front wheel arches
Did you resolve your issue outside this forum, do you have any recommendations?
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