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Post by Lk07 »

I am planning to buy a used 2022 all electric kona.
I am told its get to about 180 miles in a full charge.
(I am thinking with heating radio headlights on etc.... more of 120 to 150 miles on a motorway.

Few questions before I make a purchase.

1. For the existing owners, how reliable is the car?
2. Is it worth getting the Kona on a budget.
3. Does the battery retain the charge in winter?
4. Is it economical?
5. I am still having the anxiety of charge running out whist driving on motorway and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Post by Badgerman »

I got a Hybrid, 64 mpg around town. Wouldn't want a full EV because of the much publicised charging point nightmare. I saw a stranded EV owner kicking hell out of a non functioning charge point a few years ago and that helped me make my mind up.
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Post by AEB-UK »

It all depends on how you will use your EV.
They are perfect for short trips into and around a town
Even better if you have a charger at home.
Around 20 mile reduction in range in Winter.
2019 Kona EV Premium SE in Ceramic Blue :D
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Post by Lk07 »

Thinking to buy a 2023 year Kona with 300 mile battery range with a hope it will give me atleast 220 each way with heating radio and headlights on (Sunroof in summer)
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Post by Elec.kona »

I recently purchased a 2020 Kona ev with the 64 kw battery. Winter range is over 260 miles with heater set to 19deg and seats on. So far I am delighted with the car other than ride which is a bit jittery.
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