HI from a new Kona owner and a frustrating question

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Post by Anthraquinone »

Just got a new Kona Ultimate hybrid and so far we like it a lot but I have a frustrating problem (apart from why the manual does not have a proper index).

I have set up my Android phone apparently OK and the address book copied over. When I start the car I see a message that the phone is connected so everything seems to be working.

BUT when I get a call it goes to the actual phone not the car hands free system. The only time I did manage to get one onto the car system was when I pressed the accept "button" on the display with in a second of the call arriving. (It was a test. I was expecting the call and was not driving). The phone button on the steering when that I expected to use to answer the call does not work

I assume that there is something in the set up I did not do correctly or missed. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


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Post by Parry40 »

I've got new Kona (Sept '23). When incoming call I press phone button on steering wheel to accept and call cuts out instead of answering. Anyone know why please?
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