2022 Kona hybrid Battery Booster

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Hi Folk, I purchased a new Kona Hybrid in November 22 and am seeking help or advice in getting a correct battery booster.
Reading the handbook, there are dire warnings about using the correct piece of kit. I appreciate that there is a safety cut out switch to conserve the last dops of power but as I am neurotic I want a standby should I find the battery flat! As my car stands, sometimes up to a month at a time unused I guess you will sympathise.
Since 21 July I have been requesting call backs from my local dealer (from whom I bought the car) and 4 requests have not elicited a reply. I have contacted Hyundai "Customer Care" HQ and despite a number of email exchanges they too have failed to have anyone contact me.
There are so many boosters on the market, ranging from £30 or so up to hundreds of £. Can anyone give me any definitive options?
Many thanks.

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Looks like no one knows. I wouldn't even go there to tamper with the electrics on my Hybrid. If it packs in I will get the AA to come and fix it.
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I know this is contentious, but why not ask at Halford's?
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