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Has anyone tried charging in France?

When I last visited France my Kona EV would charge at CCS charging points (although getting started often required charging point operator remote support). However, having tried many Type 2 charging points, which are more commonly available in rural France, despite charging point operator remote support, I was never able to achieve success.

Having returned to UK I asked my garage to check the cable who confirmed it was ok and I then contacted Hyundai who said they were not aware of any issues.

The text below is copied from a continental supplier of adapters:

"Electric vehicle adapters by EV Charge +
Electric vehicle adapters can be used for alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) charging. For AC charging you need to use AC connectors which in Europe is standard Type 2, in the United States and Japan Type 1 connector, and in China GB/T plug. GB/T plug looks like Type 2, but the cables inside are arranged in reverse order so they are not compatible. For DC charging it is needed to have a connector that is suitable for DC because this charging allows the car to be charged significantly faster than alternating current charging. Plugs used in Europe are CCS2, in the United States CCS1, in China GB/T, and in Japan CHAdeMO."

This article appears to suggest that although our "Type 2" looks like continental version it is actually a T plug. No suggestions are made on the site for converters for T plug cables to Type 2.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or have a technical understanding?

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