Faults and Technical chat for the Hyundai Kona
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Anyone else had issues with the Michelin tyres fitted to their Kona Hybrid ?

I've just come out this morning to find another flat, that's the forth one in less than a year of ownership.

I've driven the same roads on my commute for the last twelve years and never had this amount of flats so either
the Michelin tyres are crap or its somehow the car.

Seriously fed up now and considering cutting my losses and going to another brand. ( Tyres or car ! )

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Hi got a kona ev 2021 plate having loads of punctures with the same tyres fitted to my 17inch rims...absolutely fed up
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That's interesting
I'm currently in dialogue with Michelin to see why this is happening.
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I have noticed the same problem. I have been driving for over 50 years and can only remember having 2 punctures but in the last 18 months of driving a 2021 Kona Hybrid with Michelin tyres I have had 3, fortunately they were all repairable. I never had problems with previous Hyundai's but they were all supplied with Hankook tyres.
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Hi, I've got Kona ev 21, was driving this morning and had shown 3 tyres as low pressure, one after another. Only 32 psi but showed me a notification. I pumped it up to 34psi but it still shows as low pressure. Not sure if its puncture ?
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Personally I would go a bit more, maybe 36 ?? and see if the warning goes off. If it does then you'll know for sure
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Are they punctures?
Is it leaking from the valve, or the rims?
2019 Kona EV Premium SE in Ceramic Blue :D
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Hello all
I'm new to the forum, I've owned a 2020 Kona Hybrid from new, just had it's first MOT, passed with a couple of advisories tyre related. Long story short I need to replace three out of the four after only 19,900 miles, so have decided to change all four. Doe's anybody run Kumho Solus 4S HA32 (225/45ZR18W) on their Kona ?
Thank you
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Well another puncture driving home last night.

Making it 5 in 18 months or so !!

That's me done with this car and Michelin tyres.

Back to Nissan in the new year.
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Just bought Kona ult have bought spare tyre and rim for it from eBay it's 18" and fits in well back floor sits up at tailgate bout 20mm it's handle of floor that's sitting on tyre much better than spacesaver and that puncture stuff just letting all know it roughly fits might change handle to flat one and cover will go fully flat
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