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Hi all Kona people,

My KONA Hybrid Ultimate is just coming up to 5 months old, and I have really enjoyed every minute of driving it. I am curious to know what other drivers of the same car are getting mileage wise? I bought the car to get increased miles to the gallon over my previous i20 which was giving me @ 55MPG. The KONA has certainly improved on that. The max I have seen on the average mileage indicator is 68.8 MPG which was a month or two back. Since then, I've done a couple of long trips which brought it down. I am now struggling to maintain 67.1 MPG and try as I may, I cannot get it above that. So what are other peoples experiences in this area?

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As a new owner (two weeks) of the same model mine seems to be worse than that, I put it down to cold weather as with the lights and heater on and sometimes heated seats and steering wheel, EV takes a while to show in the instrument cluster therefor using more petrol than in Summer.
Time will tell as I am still on my first fill up, be good to know what your MPG is over this winter.
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Having discussed the matter with my Hyundai dealer, they have confirmed that it is a seasonal drop off due to colder weather. The batteries do not perform as well in the cold and of course the IC engine uses more choke to warm up too. I had suspected this but it was nice to hear that from the experts. That said, the MPG does seem to have stabilised out not at 66.7, so Ill be more than happy if I can get through the winter with this figure.
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Hi , well after a few weeks in my hybrid ultimate , I'm struggling to get the average mpg above 52
I can only assume people who are getting more than that live in a very flat landscape
I find where i live in yorkshire which is very hilly , i can get great mpg going downhill and on the flat
But going uphill which is frequent it struggles to get above 30 mpg which is not very good at all
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So what are people getting out of the non-hybrid 1.0 petrol ???
I have just done a run to Holyhead in North Wales and back from West Yorkshire, which was all motorway miles and got 46mpg average, whereas my previous (almost identical spec) Ford Focus would have averaged 52/53 mpg.
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I feel your pain - I have a 1.6 GDI 4wd . I doubt if it'd do 50mpg if I left it parked with the engine off , 40mpg is an impossible dream in most driving and 33 is about the norm . After a diesel Yeti I was prepared for a shock , if not quite as big this one...
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Bought new Kona 1.6 hybrid in October and the first 3000 miles gave 65mpg. This includes town running and 3 x 700 mile return trips, one to Netherlands (average speed 60mph) and two in UK (slightly lower mph). I have never seen the battery indicator above bout 60% - and it sits at about 50% usually. Hope this is of interest.
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65 mpg mainly town driving and generally flat area. I use the paddle at the one blue light setting and also use the other settings when going down any incline and when coming up to junctions and traffic lights, etc. I do think this improves the mpg a little, but not a great deal.
william john
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Hi, mine recorded at least 59mpg when i picked it up in late June this year. Did get it to achieve more than 65mpg on a run. Since the change in the weather it always starts up on petrol and light foot it as much as poss it,s not getting above 48mpg. 2020 1.6 Hybrid.
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I have had my 2021 Kona Hybrid Ultimate for over 2 years and each summer I average 74mpg. This drops to 62mpg in the winter months when I use the steering wheel and seat warmers. Absolutely, no complaints.
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