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Post by Kona2607 »

Bought new Kona EV Ultimate with Lux pack in December 2023.
I can't get the TPMS to display the tyre pressures.
Does anyone know how to do this?

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Post by Zippy »


I believe the tyre pressures will only register once your vehicle is moving and after 10 minutes or so. Hope this is helpful?

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Post by Kona2607 »

Yes, that is mu understanding. However, no tyre pressures are displayed when the car is moving. EVEN AFTER A COUPLE OF HOURS - NOTHING !!??

Is this a fault that I should speak to the dealer about or some setting somewhere that I haven't discovered yet ?
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Post by AEB-UK »

I have a recurring TPMS fault - in Winter.
The right front TPMS reports loss of pressure, even though the numbers, when they do appear, show exactly the same pressure as the other three tyres.
Even after adding a little air to each tyre equally, and running around as normal for a week or so, the warning is still there.
Conclusion - faulty TPMS.
Previously this annoying occurence disappears with the warmer weather, or at least it has so far.
Otherwise it would fail the MOT in June.
Fingers crossed it disappears later this year also.
2019 Kona EV Premium SE in Ceramic Blue :D
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