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Post by Konerd »

I wonder if there would be merit in having forums for the various models ?

I followed a Google search for a Kona EV forum and eventually finished up here in among Kona ICE models.

All fine today but after a while it might be better to separate the Electric Kona from the ICE models.

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Post by AEB-UK »

I agree in principle.
Since the mechanics of the EV and ICE versions are dissimilar, most of the issues which might arise for ICE versions will not be applicable.

However, problems concerning dealerships, delivery dates, radios, bodywork, wheels brakes and tyres will be common to both.

I'm guessing, from looking at other EV fora, that the main topic of conversation on an EV specific site will be about battery life and charging points.
Maybe when there are more EV Konas around (mine arrives next week :D ) and there are more conversations (you'll note that there isn't much activity on this forum yet), then the moderators might create an EV specific forum.
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Post by RangeFinder »

I agree, I think that there will be lots of things that the EV owners will want to discuss ( that I want to discuss!) that will simply not be of any interest to the ICE owners and vice versa. Bring on the Kona EV forum please!
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Post by Rob »

No problem, this has now been setup.

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Post by AEB-UK »


Dealer said they should get my EV this week - :)
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